We are more than one thing.

We are more than the sum of our parts.

We are both a mess and a masterpiece.

(Light in the darkness, photo taken by Leanne Riley in Allerton Towers Liverpool)

We don’t have to be one thing. We can’t be one thing. But we often try to be.

Full of hope or down in the dumps. We don’t have to choose one or the other, we can be a mix of many things.









(Beautiful sunset after a long day, photo taken by Leanne Riley in Instow, North Devon)

Life is beautiful and hard all at the same time.

Grief and laughter. We can do both. We can experience joy in the most somber moment and we can feel pain when all is well.

It’s not about separating out and being all of one thing and nothing of another; it’s holding different parts of us and our lives, simultaneously.

We are more than one thing.

And that’s ok.

(Colour and chaos; a beautiful butterfly inside a toy filled holiday cottage. Photo taken by Leanne Riley)

2 thoughts on “We are more than one thing.

  1. That is so apt for the day I have had. I am currently at a children’s home in Tanzania and today we buried a little boy who died in a tragic car accident two days ago. So many old faces who I haven’t seen for many years returned to pay their respects and it was a day of mourning and laughter.

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