What to do when you don’t know what to do.

There are times in life when we haven’t got the first clue of what we need or want to do; things are just too confusing, overwhelming, messy and blurry and we can’t think straight. We may struggle even naming what we’re feeling- it may sit as an unsettled discomfort but with no clear indication of how to remove or even reduce it.

So what do we do?


Notice how many times I’ve said the word do…

Our natural instinct is to do something to make it better; to be productive, to distract, to distance, to become busy or to avoid.

When this doesn’t work it creates a sense of being stuck, of not being able to see past the block standing before us.

So what do we do?

We BE.

One way to move past this is to focus on being rather than doing; being in the moment, whatever that looks like.

A suggestion is to start off by doing something low key and practical: making, mending, walking, drawing, cleaning- whatever floats your boat.

Whilst doing this, notice any sensations in your body, and areas of tension or fluidity. Let them be. Next, notice what you can smell, see and hear.

Acknowledge the effect that has. Do you like that smell? Does that noise bring peace or disruption? Do you feel anxious or at ease, can you describe any emotions?

Being is incredibly powerful; it creates space to think and feel. It may seem reductionistic in comparison to doing but it’s actually effective and empowering. To move from doing to thinking and feeling may help to open up new avenues of fresh ideas to move out of the ‘stuckness’.

Don’t worry if this process causes some resistance. It makes us look face on at our discomfort and be present in the overwhelmingness of life. But like anything it becomes easier the more we do it!

I’d love to hear your experience- does this kind of process help you or do you feel resistant? Does it work for you or not? I’d be interested to know!