Sharing your story

This is why I share my stories and why I’m glad others share theirs. Life is amazing and then excruciating and then nice and then sad and so on… and it helps to know that when you’re headed for (or in, or recovering from) a rocky patch; you’re not alone).

It’s not always easy and hiding is often preferable. The truth of our lives can be messy, disordered, shame-inducing and incredibly vulnerable. Being seen in our rawest state is painful. We worry that people will think less of us, that they may deem us as weak, sensitive or indeed crazy! Our fantasy can be that if we were to share life as it really is, not what our Instagram highlights portray, then we may alienate ourselves and lose out in relationships.

To show up in our real ness can be one of the toughest things to ever do- to be exposed when hurting takes courage…it really does. It’s a risk… that doesn’t pay off every time. I have experienced sharing something personal and painful and being rebuffed and that rejection is hard to bear. It can take a while to recover and re-emerge from.

* little side note- (along with unexpected rejections) there are of course, people and situations that don’t feel safe to share in and that’s ok, trust your intuition and wisdom*

There are many more times where I have braved telling of myself and it has brought increased connection and served to deepen that relationship. I have been wonderfully taken back by the love and acceptance of being in a rocky place and the way it has been valued and seen as permission giving for the other person to also share their tough stuff.

I hope that you can share your story and experience safety and understanding. And I also hope that in doing so, you offer a lighthouse to those facing similar difficulties.

Together. By Leanne Riley

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