Unhealed parts of self

Have you ever felt judgemental, jealous, envious or avoidant of someone? Strong feelings are stirred and you feel angry towards them or even yourself, for feeling that way?

I heard this phrase recently that I think sums up these powerful emotions..”Defences mark the spot where the pain is buried”. Our judgemental defence is covering up a pain within ourself and our envy may actually reveal an area where you are in need.

I don’t know about you but when I feel these emotions I can be very hard on myself- feeling bad for feeling that way towards someone and that seems to only add to the fire!

So if we were to look at it from the angle of uncovering the pain that’s buried or the need that has gone unmet; we may be that little bit kinder towards ourselves in soothing that pain or getting the need met (you are thoroughly worth this by the way!).

The clue is in the defence… be kind to yourself while you find it ❤️