Feeling Heard

So often we overlook, and feel overlooked.

We feel misheard, misunderstood and invalidated.

When we’re going through a tough time we can tell ourselves to ‘get a grip’ or convey the same to others in their tricky situation.

Other times, meaning well we can offer comfort; a tissue, an encouraging word “it will pass” and so on…

Yes it will pass. But right now you just need to feel heard, as you are in that moment. And know that it’s ok.

We have time to take a moment to just be- whatever that looks like. This creates a space for real connection and true healing, even if it’s a bit messy (I’m thinking snotty crying?!..)

This isn’t the longest, most profound post but I think it’s simple and yet underestimated in its power: It’s ok for you to feel exactly what you’re feeling.

Your feelings matter. They are valid.

Let’s hear people and stay with them in that moment- let us sit long enough to acknowledge what is a very real feeling.

* this doesn’t, by the way mean necessarily agreeing. We can accept and validate a persons feelings even if we disagree.

I hope you get to experience beautiful, real connection; it might not be wrapped up neatly in a Kleenex but it’s where the healing starts 💖

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