Unhealed parts of self

Have you ever felt judgemental, jealous, envious or avoidant of someone? Strong feelings are stirred and you feel angry towards them or even yourself, for feeling that way? I heard this phrase recently that I think sums up these powerful emotions..”Defences mark the spot where the pain is buried”. Our judgemental defence is covering up […]

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Holding Space

What is holding space? Holding space is when a person is fully present, being open to what becomes; allowing and protective of the space without judgement or agenda. Imagine this…you share a feeling or idea and the person shuts you down, holds a narrow view or simply does not engage their full self. You feel […]

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Feeling Heard

So often we overlook, and feel overlooked. We feel misheard, misunderstood and invalidated. When we’re going through a tough time we can tell ourselves to ‘get a grip’ or convey the same to others in their tricky situation. Other times, meaning well we can offer comfort; a tissue, an encouraging word “it will pass” and […]

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